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5 hours ago

67 residents have received Aqua bills that are much higher than the normal $79. There was confusion with the billing cycle. These 67 people will be short billed in the next billing cycle. I am sure ... See more

8 hours ago

Look what Mayor Tom Carter found.πŸ’—

1959 - DeVizia Foundation - Women’s Champion - Mini Golf Trophy - Penn Lake Golf Course

1 day ago

Taken by Marie Olshefski Pierantoni

2 days ago

Good morning everyone! I am a licensed stylist of 12 years experience. I am a full service stylist that currently resides here in Penn Lake, and am taking salon services on the road. I travel for ... See more

3 days ago

Another snow removal note:
Matt Pearson is out snow removing, if you need him call Matt 570-817-6127

3 days ago

From a resident:

is often way to cold to be outside shoveling out your cars or driveways so instead, I will be going around knocking door to door checking if anyone needs their driveway or ... See more

4 days ago

Updated trash πŸ—‘ info!
Due to the storm, trash pick up will be Tuesday, not Monday!!