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Event Rules/Guidelines

Night At The Races


  • At the races, we will run 10 – 12 races with 10 horses in each race
  • Cost of each horse is $10
  • The owner gets to name the horse
  • If the horse comes in first, the owner wins $50
  • The winner does not need to be present to win
  • Forms must be returned to Phil McGarrigan or Barb Fisher by July 11 so programs can be made up
  • Call 800-327-3529 x23 for any questions

Golf Tournament

Captain & Crew Format Rules

  • All players in the group tee off.
  • Seniors can play from the seniors tees, and ladies can play from the ladies tees.
  • The best drive is selected and all of the players on the team bring their ball to that point.
  • All players hit their next shot from that point. The ball can be placed within one club length from the ball selected, no closer to the hole and under the same condition. (i.e. a ball in the rough cannot be moved into the fairway)
  • Play progresses in the same manner until the ball is holed out.
  • On the green, all players putt from the best point selected by placing their ball within 6 inches of the ball selected, but no closer to the hole. First ball in counts, please don’t putt out the rest of the balls.
  • Only one score is written down for the team.
  • All tee shots will be from the white tees.
  • If a group has only 3 players, one player will take an extra shot on each hole. The player taking the extra shot should rotate among the 3 players in the group.
  • If all 4 balls are lost out of play, then you drop at the furthest ball and add a stroke to score for that hole.
  • Seniors are permitted to play from the senior tees, and ladies may play from the ladies tees.

Photo Contest

Penn Lake Photo Contest Rules

  • Picture must not depict any illegal activity, violence, or nudity
  • Picture must be taken within the Penn Lake Community between the fall and the summer of the following year
  • Picture must be accompanied by a completed entry form and presented no later than the last day in August
  • Any person depicted in the photo must be made aware that their likeness will be used in a contest and be publicly displayed

Fishing Derby

ASSASSIN Div. – Children are encouraged to do all angling themselves but may be helped by an adult with a VALID 2010 PA Fishing License. Winner will be determined by most fish caught.

LUNKER Div.- Contestants are highly encouraged to complete all angling on their own. Assistance may be provided by an adult with unhooking to prevent injury to fish and angler. Winner will be determined by the largest fish caught by weight with the digital scale.

Recording of catches will be done by Members of the PENN LAKE ROD AND GUN CLUB

Hot Dogs and Drinks will be provided during the derby by the

If you have any questions regarding the fishing derby or are interested in volunteering please contact the event coordinator – Mike Borsuk — cell 578-5148 email

Event provided by the Penn Lake Rod and Gun Club.
There is no entry fee but donations to the club will be accepted.